Discipline = freedom?

I’m really bad at updating this blog these days. But my new classes are much more demanding then the ones I took last semester. We have assignments every week and there is SO much to learn in between. So the time is more limited to do other stuff. But the studies are super fun, so I’m not complaining!

I’m also working on prioritizing stuff I need to do versus stuff I like to do, which always been hard for me. Because why not do things that are fun, if you can?

Andreas sent me an episode of a Podcast called The Tim Ferris show (number 1 business podcast on Apple podcast). The episode he sent me was with Jocko Willink an author and retired Navy SEAL. This guy has his own podcast, Jocko Podcast, the episodes are 2-3 hour long and sometimes only him talking!Β In the episode I listened to, you get a taste of what he is all about. Jocko shares his thoughts of success mindset. He wrote a new book, called Discipline Equals Freedom:Field Manual. Listening to him is a bit fearful but also inspiring. So what I’m trying out now is to live by the mantra “discipline equals freedom”. I even suggested that we should frame it and put it on the bedroom wall. HAHA I think Andreas wish he never sent me that podcast. πŸ˜›



Back to school

It’s the start of a new semester with online studies. So I’ve been really busy trying to get organized and get a grip of everything. This time I’ve signed up for more than full-time studies, 125 %. I always panic about the amount of books you are recommended to buy, because they are so expensive! Luckily the majority of the books are in English and I was able to rent them at the library.

Last semester I took a class in Consumer behavior and one in Stock knowledge. This semester I’m starting a two year Webmaster program and a class in Cross-culture management. And it all seems super interesting. First assignments – analyze a case study on Walmart’s failure to establish their business in Germany; learn to create content with html code; create and describe a themed photo series of a person. 😊

Labor Day weekend

Labor day is considered the unofficial last day of summer. It’s always celebrated the first Monday in September, which was yesterday. It’s an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. In Sweden we celebrate it on May 1st.

There’s been a heatwave in town and it’s been around for the last couple of weeks so I’ve been enjoying the pool as much as possible. You never know when the fall weather will arrive. So our labour day weekend was no exception for our activities. We also had a friend visiting from New York so what better way to enjoy the company of a friend and some sunshine then by the pool!

I’m usually documenting everything with my phone but for some reason the only pictures I have from the last week are these two…

Haha we tried to learn the Tottenham player Dele Alli’s goal celebration #DeleAlliChallenge. Andreas was so much better at it then me πŸ˜‚

Best day of the year

– my birthday πŸ€—

Yesterday I turned one year older, and we celebrated all day long!

The day started with my favourite thing, breakfast in bed. Andreas had made me my favourite avocado toast and cappuccino πŸ˜‹

After breakfast we walked down to German Village and played some tennis. It’s been forever since I played so I really need practice more. But it was super fun!

The afternoon was spent by the pool and then we got back to the apartment where we had some strawberry cake and champagne.

The day ended with dinner with some friends at an italian restaurant called Giuseppe Ritrovo. It’s the most genuin italian food we have eaten here in Columbus. Very delicious πŸ˜‹

On top of this amazing day. I also got this lovely flower arrangement from my parents 😍

The Carters came to Cbus

I’m a huge fan of Beyonce’s music and have been since the era of Destiny’s child. So every time I get an opportunity to see her live I will take it. Thursday night it was finally Columbus turn to have the power couple performing their “On The Run II” show together at Ohio Stadium.

I was mostly looking forward to their version of “Forever young” that I’d watched about one hundred times on youtube. That was absolutely one of the top moments during the concert but I really liked the opening and closing numbers, Holy Grail and Apeshit… and everything in between πŸ€©πŸ™Œ

As you can see, we once again bought seats at the nosebleed section, but we had a good view 😁

The concert were held at Ohio stadium which is the home venue for Ohio State Buckeyes football. That’s Ohio states college football team. The stadium has capacity for 100 000 spectators and easily gets full during their home games! That’s crazy!

We had a great evening, but why is it always a mess to get home from these venues?!?! You go from a great to frustrated mood in no time. There were no available cabs/Uber’s for reasonable prices so we ended up finding two scooters, the only problem was that they were both low on battery’s so we ended up scootering ourselves the old fashioned way for twenty minutes until we gave up and booked an Uber. I was so sweaty and my whole body was shaking from that workout/transportation πŸ˜… Haha not a great ending but it was totally worth it!!

Walking is so last year, now we scooter

A couple of weeks ago Columbus got invaded by a dozen electronic scooters. Californian-based companies Bird and Lime have filled our town with these great alternatives for transportation.

We’ve only tried Lime scooters yet, they don’t go as fast as the Bird scooters, but fast enough for me πŸ™‚

I feel like we got hooked straight away and I would not be surprised if we can see this transportation in Sweden soon.

It seems like Columbus isn’t the only town in U.S who’s sidewalks and streets have been filled with electronic scooters. Bird has 1000 of its scooters on the streets of 18 U.S cities. Seems like a business to keep an eye on!

Hiking in Hocking Hills

An hour drive from Columbus you’ll find the beautiful state park Hocking Hill. It’s filled with different hiking trails that provides stunning views, waterfalls, sandstone cliffs and caves.

Yesterday we packed our backpack with some food and took a trip to experience this state park with our own eyes. The pictures doesn’t really come close to the reality, but it was beautiful 😍

The trails were kinda short so we went on two hikes, Old Mans Cave and Conkles Hollow. The park holds 30 miles of hiking trails so we still have plenty of trails to explore!

Jet lag mood all weekend

I feel like I’ve been on a jet lag all weekend. I had my final exam in one of my online classes on Saturday. It started at 9 am in Sweden, meaning I had to get up at 2.45 am to be ready to start at 3 am 😴

But despite that we’ve had a very relaxing weekend. I was hoping that we would get to go on a hike but it was to hot. So we’ve been relaxing by the pool and I started reading a new book, Factfulness by Hans Rosling. I’m only three chapters in but I’m already sold on his mission on trying to change the mindsets of how we talk about the world!

We took a little break from “our” pool when we got invited to Andreas colleagues country club to hangout at their pool.

Such a nice place! I could totally see myself doing the suburb life and hanging out there every weekend. Only have to figure out how to level up our income πŸ€”πŸ˜†