Arts festival

This weekend the Arts festival took place downtown Columbus.

The festival began in 1962 and have become one of the best art festivals in the nation, attracting hundreds of highly acclaimed artist.

Unfortunately the weekend have been filled with some thunderstorms so our plan was to spend the whole Friday evening there. But we ended up at Short North for some dinner and bar hopping. Not a bad substitute 🍻

Macbeth in the park

Last night I met up with a friend in Schillers park in German village.

From memorial weekend until the end of the summer they will have free theatre shows in the park. Starting with Macbeth.

Note to self –> buy a chair 😂

My top 5 coffee shops in Cbus

There are a lot of great coffee shops in Columbus. And because I’m such a cappuccino lover I listed my favourite ones:

1. The Roosevelt coffeehouse


2. Stauf’s Coffee


3. Mission Coffee Co.


4. Fox in the snow


5. The Goat


They are all in walking distance from our apartment and great places to spend a couple of hours of working or studying. The only one of these who don’t have wifi is Fox in the snow which is a minus, but you can always plan to do some offline work or actually talk to someone if you go there.

I picked these five because they all make great cappuccinos and they all have an atmosphere that makes me wanna stay for a couple of hours.


Happy Swedish National day 🇸🇪

This day is usually spent in a sunny garden with my family and relatives eating lots of bakery’s.

The tradition is that every family bring some kind of bakery to the celebration. And it always ends up being SO much you have to try 😋

This year I’m celebrating in another way by making snaps and listening to Kanye West’s new album on repeat (again). I’m trying out the recipe with blackberries and mints mixed with vodka. We are having a pre-midsummer celebration next week so we will try it out then!

But like every day I started with a workout and breakfast at the balcony. Love this morning routine…

First weekend of June

Who have I become? I actually went to see the first team play against Toronto on Saturday without Andreas!? And that’s the second time that have happened since we moved here.

And another thing – I’ve become very invested in basketball. Since we went to Cleveland and watched the Cavs I watched more than a handful of their games.

They truly love their sports here so it’s hard to not get pulled in to it ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️

So except a great brunch at the Italian Market, hanging out by the pool and a cozy Sunday cookout this was the schedule;

Thursday ➡️ Cavs vs Golden State Warriors

Saturday ➡️ The Crew vs Toronto

Sunday ➡️ Cavs vs Golden States warriors

The funniest viral video from the weekend must be LeBron’s reaction (and his outfit) at the press conference after the first game! Only a true superstar can pull off a shorts suit and a response like that 😂

Tasi for lunch

Walking more then 15 minutes for lunch these days makes you long for that air conditioned restaurant. But that’s what we did the other day when we tried Tasi café.

At least it was worth the walk. They made delicious sandwishes 👌

Tasi café | 680 N. Pearl Street

Memorial weekend

And we are back to the routines again! Yesterday Erika left after a great weekend. I’m so happy she took the time to come visit us. The schedule was not hectic at all,  a lot of chilling by the pool, mimosa brunch, a visit to the farmers market and the shopping mall and late night dinners.

The temperature has been crazy hot. I don’t know how we would manage without a pool?! It’s so nice to be able to go down and jump in the water to cool off. On Monday people were off work because it was Memorial Day. It’s a federal holiday for remembering those who died serving in the country’s armed forces. So it was a lot of activities in the park outside our apartment building. And a lot of people hanging out by the pool which is fun. It’s mostly people in our age so it’s a good atmosphere!

One thing I thought off while having visitors is that it’s kind of nice that there is no “must see-landmarks” in Columbus. I mean there are plenty of things to see and do but it’s not like New York where (if it’s your first time) you should see the statue of liberty, go to a museum, visit Empire State building and spend at least a day in Central Park.

Vacation in Columbus means no to-do-list just more time to enjoy another Margarita in the sun 🙂









Weekend vibes all week

Our week started with a visit from Andreas friend (also named Andreas).

He’s been sailing for almost a year. Starting in Stockholm going down to Portugal, then over the Atlantic to Brasilia and up to Maryland. He had a couple of days off before going back home (by flight) so he decided to come here. So much fun listening to his journey. Feeling like a kid asking all kind of questions like; for how long did you go without seeing land? How much food do you bring? Were there any pirates? How does it work with the customs? What kind of Visa do you get? Which place had the best wow-factor? ….He patiently answered every question 😆 What an adventure!

The sun have been shining almost every day this week so we have been able to hang out by the pool and enjoy late nights out.

Today my friend Erika is coming to town. So the vacation mood will be on for another couple of days! So much fun having people over 🤗

Run, jog, sprint, dash

Today it’s exactly four months since I moved here. It’s crazy how fast time flies by (cliché but true)! Not knowing what to expect when I moved here and not knowing exactly how to fill my days I wrote down some goals to achieve, just to put some pressure on myself to make the most of this opportunity. Two of them being focused on physical health; 1. Start doing Yoga 2. Learn to enjoy running

The last couple of years my relationship to working out has been a real on-again / off-again relationship. For my 30th birthday I bought myself a one year membership at SATS. I think I went there five times, so that was like 600 SEK per workout – a great way to spend money! I never been flexible and I never enjoyed running so I thought this would be a great opportunity to change those things.

When I arrived to Columbus I almost immediately signed up for Yoga. And when it started getting warmer outside (in February), me and Andreas have started off almost every day with a short run. I always wanted to be a person who enjoyed running, for two reasons, it’s free and you can do it wherever you go. All you need is a pair of running shoes!

Because we live so close to the river we go there every morning and run either 3 or 4 kilometers. Doing that for almost 3 months now I can truly say it’s a great way to start the morning. Although some mornings it helps that we are two, when all you want is to stay in bed. Now that I enjoy that distance I’m trying to improve my pace. And after that I’ll run a bit further. One step at a time…



Trying to keep up

I have been listening to a podcast called Culture Differences & Culture Diversitylately. I think the subject is very interesting and it complements my studies in Consumer behavior in a way, seeing that different cultures can effect our consumption behavior.

In one episode they were talking about the subject of getting to know and understand the other culture in a better way. The guy interviewed was a successful serial entrepreneur who was managing a company with Virtual Assistants in Philippines. They talked a lot about the importance of communication. Being straight forward. Call and ask if there are misunderstandings instead of continuing the email conversation. He also spoke about the importance of keeping up with the news of that country. Which I 100 procent agree on. First of all it gives you material to conversations and second of all you get information about things that may or may not effect those living in that city or country.

Long intro, but that being said – last week on May 8th it was Primary election in Ohio. Ohio is a swing state in presidential elections, but Republicans have dominated state politics for three decades, and held the governor of office for 24 of the last 28 years.

Knowing very little about Primary elections, or the political voting system in general in the states, I felt like I had to start learning some about it.

I think this article described the reason (and importance) of the election very well. Short summary – the general election is the very end of the road. There are plenty of steps along the way, like Presidential primary where one Republican and one Democratic gets elected to represent their party for the Presidential run, the last one being Hillary against Trump. In the Presidential primary you have a lot of different candidates to choose from. Those candidates could be from your state. Which in that case would have been voted on in the state primary election.  That means you could be voting for the country’s next president by register and vote in the state primary election, which in Ohio occurred last week.

There are two main types of primaries, closed or open. In a closed primary a registered voter is only allowed to vote within that party that he/she is affiliated with, for example a democrat can only vote for a democrat and vice versa. In an open primary the registered voter may vote in either primary regardless of party membership. Ohio law provides for open primaries.


I feel like I’m on a kids level when it comes to knowledge in this area so I was really happy when I found this website, which explained things in a very simple and fun way – for kids 😆

This is what I end up looking at when my mind needs a break from topics like this – the worst ad campaign by a Republican candidate running for Senate in West Virginia haha I wonder if we are going to see anything like this from the Swedish parties in the election this year….