After rain comes soul

After a very rainy and quit cold day, Saturday, I was going back and forth about going to an outdoor concert. But about half an hour before the concert started, it stopped raining.

I am so glad we went – LEON BRIDGES voice was amazing live. And he obviously have a huge fan base in Columbus, because it was a sold out concert. Express Live, where the concert was held, had a nice backdrop with the buildings of downtown in the background. One of them with a cheerful message to the Columbus Blue Jackets (who unfortunately lost in the playoffs to Boston Bruins yesterday).

I first heard Leon Bridges song, River, in the HBO tv-show Big Little Lies and just fell in love with his neo-soul style. But I got a new favorite after the concert, “Georgia To Texas”. I mean…

April highlights

Except the Game of Thrones premiere and the fact that spring arrived in Columbus and we got to enjoy a month of full bloom, here are some of my highlights from this month….

CCAD Art Fair – This art fair displays students art work from the Columbus College of Art and Design. You could buy anything from paintings, jewelry, prints, clothes, dolls – they had it all.

Lindey’s – One of our favorite restaurants in German Village. This was our season premiere, rosé lunch at their patio!

Ohio Theater – Columbus Ballet Met performed the story of Cinderella. My second time at the Ohio Theater. It’s such a beautiful building. And the show was amazing. They had really nailed the setting and the dancers were so talented. You weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the show, but here’s a little sample.

Costa Rica – My “spring break” trip to Santa Teresa will be a memory for life. I mean…. what’s not to love – palm trees, no makeup, walking barefoot for a week, the most amazing sunsets, and of course, the fact that I got to learn how to surf!!!

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen – Another Cameron Mitchell Restaurant opened last week. Inspired by the Southern Californian kitchen. Cameron Mitchell is a big name in the restaurant business here in Columbus. Only in the Short North area he own’s four of the restaurants. I really liked the vibe on this one. It was a little more high end, and the food was delicious.

Clintonville Farmers’ Market

Today was the 2019 opening day of Clintonville Farmers’ Market.

Every Saturday from April – October you’ll find fresh food made with love at the market. ❤️

It’s still quit early in the season for most of the vegetables, so it was mostly greens sold at the market today. But I found some herbs to plant on my balcony. 🌱😊

A night at the museum

Across the river from our home, there’s this beautiful building that we passed by a million times. It’s the center of science and industry – COSI.

Going to museums of this kind usually means, a lot of kids running around screaming. So it’s not our favorite activity to visit places like this. But when I read that there was going to be a 21+ event called “After dark – whodunnit Mystery murder” I figured we would give it a go.

The plot was that there had been a murder at the museum and you were given a piece of paper with information about the possible rooms, objects and persons suspected in the murder case. Your mission was to solve the case by walking around and gather information.

A great idea but it took us over an hour to figure out what we were supposed to do. Americans are usually pretty good at coordinating and communication but this night the staff forgot about it. And I thought it would be a little more exclusive event, but there were so many people. We had to stand in line for check in for 20 minutes, we skipped the line to the bar because it was crazy long and then there were lines in to some of the exhibitions at the museum…. Let’s just say we were not impressed. But hey, no we been to the center at least. 🤷‍♀️😅

As I said the place is like a 10 minute walk from our apartment, so when we were about to walk home it was raining but we figured it wouldn’t be that bad. We were wrong… 😂

Hey Arnold!

This weekend we went to Arnold Sports Festival!

Every year people travel from all over the world to participate at Arnold Sports Festival. It’s a multi-sport event consisting of professional bodybuilding, strongman, fitness, figure and bikini contestant.

Arnold Sports Festival is held all over the world, but the main event takes place here in Columbus, Ohio in late February or early March every year. A four day event, with 20,000 athletes from 80 nations and 200,000 spectators!

I think I wrote shortly about it last year, but we never visited the event then. There is a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger outside the convention center in town and people love to line up to it and take photos. This weekend you can see the real deal (if you were lucky). Apparently Arnold visit the event every year.

We decided to go, partly because a friend of ours were competing in Crossfit, but also for the people watching! And the later one was crazy! I don’t think I ever been to a place that had so many people with bad spray tans – people with pimples all over their bodies because of the steroids they eat – people waddling when they were walking, because their muscles were just to big – and the overall excitement about showing your body!

I don’t know what we were thinking when we got dressed, but me and Andreas were the only two people in that building who’d chosen to wear shirts for the event. Everyone else was wearing sports gear, or college sweaters with prints. We were obviously the outsiders!! HAHA

If you are in town during this event, you should really visit it. But going once is enough for me. Not really my kind of crowd.

Btw not the same topic, but before the event I kept on saying Hey Arnold! but Andreas did not catch the reference to the old Nickelodeon show. And I felt so much younger then him for a moment HAHA
That’s the reference to this posts headline…

Top 3 from my weekend

Life in the age of Rembrandt

The latest exhibition at Columbus Museum of Art. “For the first time in America, a comprehensive selection of masterpieces from the Golden Age Dutch painting in the 17th century from the Dordrecht Museum in the Netherlands”. CMOA

Beautiful paintings, and beautiful framework!

The movie BlacKkKlansman

I finally watched the movie BlacKkKlansman. And what a story! “Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer from Colorado Springs, CO, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan branch with the help of a Jewish surrogate who eventually becomes its leader. Based on actual events.” – IMDB

61st GRAMMY Awards

Love, love, love – American award shows. SO much more entertaining then the Swedish ones. The outfits, performances and often political statements – they got it all! Last night the 61st GRAMMY award was held and I saw it all. Everything from the red carpet, to the show, to the Instagram and twitter live feed. My favorite moments of the show must have been the tribute to Dolly Parton. And Alicia Keys opening speech, were she was joined at stage by the super women Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Obama!

Just give me some merch and I’ll cheer for you

Is it already Tuesday!? The weekend flew by and so did Monday apparently. The past weekend was a great one. After my last post about being stuck in the apartment, due to flue and polar vortex, I’ve slowly started to get my energy back!

The weekend started with a cozy Friday dinner. I’ve been wanting to try to make hummus for a while, so my Friday mission was to do so. My first batch was okay. There is definitely room for improvement!

Saturday I meet up with a friend at Staufs in German Village. The place was packed with people! I guess drinking coffee is a great way to spend a snowy Saturday.

After 3 cups of coffee I went home to change and start prepping for Scandinavian Heritage Night with Columbus Blue Jacket. There are a lots of Scandinavian players and staff working for Columbus Blue Jackets. So the sales manager (from Finland) had invited Scandinavian clubs from all over Ohio to a pre-mingle event before the CBJ vs St.Louis game.

People had driven from all over Ohio to attend, and we ended up having a great time. Connecting with some new friends. 🙂

Last weekend in cbus 2018

This was our last weekend in Columbus for this year. Crazy how fast the last couple of weeks have past. On Wednesday we’ll be on a plane to Miami to spend a couple of days (hopefully) in the sun before we fly back to Stockholm on Monday next week! 

What better way to spend our last weekend in Columbus, than with some Christmas shopping and trying out new restaurants…

Shopping in Columbus isn’t like shopping in Stockholm. You don’t go downtown, you take the car and go to the mall. We started our shopping at Tanger Outlet, which is located 25 minutes outside the city. The outlet itself is super boring so you don’t want to be there longer than necessary. But they have a wide range of stores and great deals. I had to buy a new suitcase so we went to the Samsonite store and found a package deal with a stroller and a big suitcase for only $170. I think the original price for just the big suitcase was $350. So you can really find good deals.

After Tanger we went to my favorite place for shopping in Columbus, Easton Town Center. It’s only a 15 minute drive from downtown. And what I like about this place is that it’s both an indoor and outdoor shopping center. They have a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, a movie theater and of course shopping so you can easily spend money and a lot of time at this place 🙂 

As you know we are foodies, which means our common hobby is to try new restaurants. This weekend was kind of a jackpot, because we got to try three new ones!

Comune – an all-vegetarian restaurant in German Village. We went there for lunch and we both ordered their Brussels sprout melt Sandwich and it was amazing. This place opened about a month ago so I really look forward coming back and try the rest of their menu.

El Lugar – this place is also located in German Village and also recently opened. A small and genuine tapas/ pinchos restaruant. I liked it and I will definitely go back, but not for dinner. The problem with tapas, you almost always pay way to much compared to what you get. So you end up drinking a lot of wine instead. 😛

Cafe Istanbul – a hidden gem serving mediterranean food in Bexley. We went there with some friends and we all thought the food was amazing. It’s not like a buzzing place, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you want great mediterranean food. 

After our tapas night we ended up at our favorite chocolate bar – Winans. I think we visit this place at least three times a week. They are located in our building and their sea salt caramel are probably my biggest motivation to my daily work out. 

A Scandinavian Christmas party


This Sunday we had our big Christmas event with Scandinavian Club of Columbus. I’ve been working as a volunteer and board member in the club since I arrived to Columbus and its been a fun and very educational year.

My plan was to join the club to meet people I could hangout with. The only problem was that the majority of the members were 70+ years. But they had started a journey of rejuvenating the club, so I figured I could probably be at some help.

The club arrange events every month but the most popular events are the midsummer and Christmas party, this is when the families with kids show up.

This year we had a more upscale Christmas party (no pot-luck!). We didn’t want to cook all the food and do all the cleaning ourselves, so we had booked our event at the Clintonville Womens Club. Such a nice place for a Christmas party and we had a great turnout with more than 100 guests!

The purpose of the Christmas party, called JuleFest, is to celebrate the Scandinavian traditions. So one of our members had brought homemade glögg, harring and snaps to start off the event. And for dinner we were served meat balls of course.

I was placed next to Carl (80+) for dinner, and he kept asking me about Swedish authors writing about Finish history all night long. He couldn’t accept that I didn’t know any of the authors he talked about. He was like; “how about this author…?”, “No”, “how about this author then….?”, “No”, “but you must know about this one….!”, “No” HAHA He wouldn’t give up! 😆 It was very amusing.


After dinner the kids changed to their Lucia outfits and we had a Lucia procession. It was so cute seeing all the kids walking out in their costumes, holding their candles and trying to sing-a-long to the Christmas music. A tradition they had forever in the club, are the cookie procession. So when the kids are done singing, they all get a plate filled with homemade cookies that they hand out to the guests. It felt like the kids really enjoyed having a task and being a part of the celebration like that.


The day continued with a visit from Santa Claus and his wife. They handed out gifts to all the children and let the parents take a million pictures.

I feel like JuleFest was a good teaser, and I’m more in spirit for the celebrations to come!

A day at the Winterfair

At the art bootcamp I went to this summer, I met some people that now have become my friends. We get together once a month for some breakfast that usually turns into a lunch. It’s a fun constellation of people, Elizabeth, 60+, a graphic illustrator and professional organizer, Brian, 25, a photographer who also makes amazing photoshop artwork and Yvette, 35+, an art therapist and art teacher.

Somehow we found a common ground in the world of art and developed a friendship ☺️

This weekend it was time for our monthly breakfast again, but this time we had decided to also pay a visit to the Winterfair that was taking place at the Ohio Expo center.

The Winterfair was founded in 1964 and has grown to be an exhibit that features 450 artist exhibiting works in clay, glass, wood, fiber, leather and more.

Even though we spend 3 hours at this place I didn’t find anything that I really wanted or needed. But these were my favorites: