Drinks with a view

I am so curious to see what Columbus will look like in a couple of years. There are new buildings popping up all the time.

As I wrote last week we went to a new restaurant called DelMar. The same owner also opened a rooftop bar in the same building. After celebrating Cinco De Mayo with some guacamole and margaritas at Bakersfield, we went to check it out. Apparently we weren’t the only ones, looks like the people of Columbus have been longing for a place like this, because it was packed.

Lincoln Social Rooftop | 711 N High St, Columbus, OH 43215

April highlights

Except the Game of Thrones premiere and the fact that spring arrived in Columbus and we got to enjoy a month of full bloom, here are some of my highlights from this month….

CCAD Art Fair – This art fair displays students art work from the Columbus College of Art and Design. You could buy anything from paintings, jewelry, prints, clothes, dolls – they had it all.

Lindey’s – One of our favorite restaurants in German Village. This was our season premiere, rosé lunch at their patio!

Ohio Theater – Columbus Ballet Met performed the story of Cinderella. My second time at the Ohio Theater. It’s such a beautiful building. And the show was amazing. They had really nailed the setting and the dancers were so talented. You weren’t allowed to take any pictures during the show, but here’s a little sample.

Costa Rica – My “spring break” trip to Santa Teresa will be a memory for life. I mean…. what’s not to love – palm trees, no makeup, walking barefoot for a week, the most amazing sunsets, and of course, the fact that I got to learn how to surf!!!

Del Mar SoCal Kitchen – Another Cameron Mitchell Restaurant opened last week. Inspired by the Southern Californian kitchen. Cameron Mitchell is a big name in the restaurant business here in Columbus. Only in the Short North area he own’s four of the restaurants. I really liked the vibe on this one. It was a little more high end, and the food was delicious.

Birthday celebration x2

A late Happy Birthday tribute to my husband, Andreas! Last weekend we celebrated his 35th birthday. It became a very low key celebration, with breakfast in bed, Netflix marathon and dinner at the Watershed Distillery.

Fortunately we got to celebrate with friends, back in Stockholm before we left. I arranged a very last minute surprise dinner. Although it was last minute, we ended up being 15 people! It was a great night, eating pizza and drinking lots of prosecco, and I think I managed to actually surprise him!

Last weekend in cbus 2018

This was our last weekend in Columbus for this year. Crazy how fast the last couple of weeks have past. On Wednesday we’ll be on a plane to Miami to spend a couple of days (hopefully) in the sun before we fly back to Stockholm on Monday next week! 

What better way to spend our last weekend in Columbus, than with some Christmas shopping and trying out new restaurants…

Shopping in Columbus isn’t like shopping in Stockholm. You don’t go downtown, you take the car and go to the mall. We started our shopping at Tanger Outlet, which is located 25 minutes outside the city. The outlet itself is super boring so you don’t want to be there longer than necessary. But they have a wide range of stores and great deals. I had to buy a new suitcase so we went to the Samsonite store and found a package deal with a stroller and a big suitcase for only $170. I think the original price for just the big suitcase was $350. So you can really find good deals.

After Tanger we went to my favorite place for shopping in Columbus, Easton Town Center. It’s only a 15 minute drive from downtown. And what I like about this place is that it’s both an indoor and outdoor shopping center. They have a wide range of restaurants, coffee shops, a movie theater and of course shopping so you can easily spend money and a lot of time at this place 🙂 

As you know we are foodies, which means our common hobby is to try new restaurants. This weekend was kind of a jackpot, because we got to try three new ones!

Comune – an all-vegetarian restaurant in German Village. We went there for lunch and we both ordered their Brussels sprout melt Sandwich and it was amazing. This place opened about a month ago so I really look forward coming back and try the rest of their menu.

El Lugar – this place is also located in German Village and also recently opened. A small and genuine tapas/ pinchos restaruant. I liked it and I will definitely go back, but not for dinner. The problem with tapas, you almost always pay way to much compared to what you get. So you end up drinking a lot of wine instead. 😛

Cafe Istanbul – a hidden gem serving mediterranean food in Bexley. We went there with some friends and we all thought the food was amazing. It’s not like a buzzing place, but it’s definitely worth a visit if you want great mediterranean food. 

After our tapas night we ended up at our favorite chocolate bar – Winans. I think we visit this place at least three times a week. They are located in our building and their sea salt caramel are probably my biggest motivation to my daily work out. 

Dinner in Italian Village


We’ve been recommended to go to Hoof Hearted Brewery & Kitchen for a while now and this week we finally did.

The restaurant had that nice hipster interior and of course the brewery was a part of the design. They have an outdoor pool that you can use during the summer months, which looked really nice. Another great thing about this place was their running club. Every Wednesday you can join the club for a 5k run and get rewarded with half off on drafts, all night long. As they put it – #getlitgetfit 🙂

This time we only stayed for a meal and a drink, and it was yummy!

Best day of the year


Yesterday I turned one year older, and we celebrated all day long!

The day started with my favourite thing, breakfast in bed. Andreas had made me my favourite avocado toast and cappuccino 😋

After breakfast we walked down to German Village and played some tennis. It’s been forever since I played so I really need practice more. But it was super fun!

The afternoon was spent by the pool and then we got back to the apartment where we had some strawberry cake and champagne.

The day ended with dinner with some friends at an italian restaurant called Giuseppe Ritrovo. It’s the most genuin italian food we have eaten here in Columbus. Very delicious 😋

On top of this amazing day. I also got this lovely flower arrangement from my parents 😍

My week in 5 pics

Evening walk in German village and Schillers Park.

June 14, America celebrates flag day. Many people honour this day by displaying the American flag at homes and at public buildings. Like this flower arrangement outside the State house.

A lot of chill time by the pool. 😎

Last week a new restaurant opened up in the short north district, its called Harvey & Ed’s. We went there Friday night to try it out and it was 👌

Happy pride! 🌈 It’s pride week in Columbus. Concerts, food trucks and a lot of love.

My top 5 coffee shops in Cbus

There are a lot of great coffee shops in Columbus. And because I’m such a cappuccino lover I listed my favourite ones:

1. The Roosevelt coffeehouse

2. Stauf’s Coffee

3. Mission Coffee Co.

4. Fox in the snow

5. The Goat

They are all in walking distance from our apartment and great places to spend a couple of hours of working or studying. The only one of these who don’t have wifi is Fox in the snow which is a minus, but you can always plan to do some offline work or actually talk to someone if you go there.

I picked these five because they all make great cappuccinos and they all have an atmosphere that makes me wanna stay for a couple of hours.

First weekend of June

Who have I become? I actually went to see the first team play against Toronto on Saturday without Andreas!? And that’s the second time that have happened since we moved here.

And another thing – I’ve become very invested in basketball. Since we went to Cleveland and watched the Cavs I watched more than a handful of their games.

They truly love their sports here so it’s hard to not get pulled in to it ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️

So except a great brunch at the Italian Market, hanging out by the pool and a cozy Sunday cookout this was the schedule;

Thursday ➡️ Cavs vs Golden State Warriors

Saturday ➡️ The Crew vs Toronto

Sunday ➡️ Cavs vs Golden States warriors

The funniest viral video from the weekend must be LeBron’s reaction (and his outfit) at the press conference after the first game! Only a true superstar can pull off a shorts suit and a response like that 😂