A night at the museum

Across the river from our home, there’s this beautiful building that we passed by a million times. It’s the center of science and industry – COSI.

Going to museums of this kind usually means, a lot of kids running around screaming. So it’s not our favorite activity to visit places like this. But when I read that there was going to be a 21+ event called “After dark – whodunnit Mystery murder” I figured we would give it a go.

The plot was that there had been a murder at the museum and you were given a piece of paper with information about the possible rooms, objects and persons suspected in the murder case. Your mission was to solve the case by walking around and gather information.

A great idea but it took us over an hour to figure out what we were supposed to do. Americans are usually pretty good at coordinating and communication but this night the staff forgot about it. And I thought it would be a little more exclusive event, but there were so many people. We had to stand in line for check in for 20 minutes, we skipped the line to the bar because it was crazy long and then there were lines in to some of the exhibitions at the museum…. Let’s just say we were not impressed. But hey, no we been to the center at least. 🤷‍♀️😅

As I said the place is like a 10 minute walk from our apartment, so when we were about to walk home it was raining but we figured it wouldn’t be that bad. We were wrong… 😂

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