Hey Arnold!

This weekend we went to Arnold Sports Festival!

Every year people travel from all over the world to participate at Arnold Sports Festival. It’s a multi-sport event consisting of professional bodybuilding, strongman, fitness, figure and bikini contestant.

Arnold Sports Festival is held all over the world, but the main event takes place here in Columbus, Ohio in late February or early March every year. A four day event, with 20,000 athletes from 80 nations and 200,000 spectators!

I think I wrote shortly about it last year, but we never visited the event then. There is a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger outside the convention center in town and people love to line up to it and take photos. This weekend you can see the real deal (if you were lucky). Apparently Arnold visit the event every year.

We decided to go, partly because a friend of ours were competing in Crossfit, but also for the people watching! And the later one was crazy! I don’t think I ever been to a place that had so many people with bad spray tans – people with pimples all over their bodies because of the steroids they eat – people waddling when they were walking, because their muscles were just to big – and the overall excitement about showing your body!

I don’t know what we were thinking when we got dressed, but me and Andreas were the only two people in that building who’d chosen to wear shirts for the event. Everyone else was wearing sports gear, or college sweaters with prints. We were obviously the outsiders!! HAHA

If you are in town during this event, you should really visit it. But going once is enough for me. Not really my kind of crowd.

Btw not the same topic, but before the event I kept on saying Hey Arnold! but Andreas did not catch the reference to the old Nickelodeon show. And I felt so much younger then him for a moment HAHA
That’s the reference to this posts headline…

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