We did it again…

we spent a weekend in Chicago!

I’m a bit hooked on this town. It’s a great escape if you want some city pulse and change of scenery.

Since it was our fourth visit to Chicago we decided to branch out from downtown and explore other neighborhoods. This decision took us to Wicker park and Bucktown. The neighborhoods are known for its local hipster culture, art community and food scene. We had a great day strolling around and eating an amazing brunch at The Bongo Room.

For dinner we had booked the highly reviewed, Michelin restaurant, Elske. Elske means love in Danish. And the danish/Scandinavian influence on the menu and setting was really present. We tried their tasting menu and it was amazing! For drinks we were recommended to try their Orange wine. I never heard about orange wine before, it almost tasted like rosé. Simply described its like white wine but produced like red. I really liked it, so a good option if you’re a fan of rosé. 🙂

We ended our night with a drink at Soho House.

Saturday was a grey and rainy day, so we walked around downtown. I did some shopping and Andreas patiently waited around. Then we drove to an old friend of Andreas, who lives in Chicago with his American wife. They hadn’t seen each other for 20 years so it was a nice reunion. And they were so nice to us. Making us a delicious dinner and we got to stay over in their lovely house, close to the Wicker park area.

Another great weekend in this very Windy City.

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