Happy V-day Columbus

You’re dating the city? – Miranda Hobbs
About 18 years. It’s getting serious. I think I’m in love. – Carrie Bradshaw

So many amazing quotes to be found in the tv-show, Sex and the City ❤

I’ve only lived in Columbus for a little more then a year, and I can relate to Carries’ quote. At first, when we got here, it was like being in a new relationship, a honeymoon phase. Everything is exciting and you are exploring and discovering all the great things you didn’t know exist.

After a while you start getting settled and you start having a routine based living. Going to the same places, taking the same route to the store. Even a thing like, experiencing every season in this town, is no longer a new thing. Totally normal, and also a wonderful.

But it made me wonder – am I starting to take my relationship with the city for granted? (*satc) 😉

I want to give my Valentine’s card to Columbus. For the journey we had so far and for the future that’s ahead of us!

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