Check, check and check

It’s been one of those weeks when you’re trying to check everything off your list. We are leaving for vacation today so it’s nice to have that “to do list” clean.

I can put a “check” on everything except the 🤬 IRS documents (tax refund). After spending two hours, one of them trying to figure out which numbers to select to talk to the right person, I was kinda back on square one. Super annoying. Don’t want to send my passport by mail just because that’s the only way they’ll accept an identification…. I don’t know, maybe the post system is more reliable here then in Sweden but still it’s such a valuable document…

Another thing that happened this week was that Andreas got home from his work (final games) in San Diego. His team did really good and ended up at fifth place (fifth best team in North America!). I mean the team they played with had only been a team since April. So to be able to come that far was really good.

The set up for the games was very professional and you could watch them live on Facebook and on their website. It was pretty cool to hear the commentator talk about coach Andreas Engelmark ☺️

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