Day 1 of creative boot camp

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a while. Today I started a one week creative entrepreneurial boot camp at the Columbus College of Art and Design (also called CCAD). Or we started yesterday, but that was more like an introduction.

The week is scheduled with your chosen classes and other non obligatory activities. If you want to attend everything you can fill your days from 7 am until 9.30 pm. And that’s exactly what I did today.

I started the day with Yoga in the art gallery followed by breakfast. Then on to my chosen class, web design, then lunch. The afternoon we had a class about budgeting, very hands on and useful. After class we got a little tour to the fab lab where they showed us their 3D and laser printers. After that it was time for dinner and some exercising again. This time tai chi, never tried that before so that was pretty fun. Then we ended the day with some drawings from life, meaning painting of a naked man. Never done that either but it was actually kind of fun but extremely challenging with the proportions!

Now I’m totally exhausted and ready for bed 😴 but very excited for day 2 🤗

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