First weekend of June

Who have I become? I actually went to see the first team play against Toronto on Saturday without Andreas!? And that’s the second time that have happened since we moved here.

And another thing – I’ve become very invested in basketball. Since we went to Cleveland and watched the Cavs I watched more than a handful of their games.

They truly love their sports here so it’s hard to not get pulled in to it ⚽️🏀🏈⚾️

So except a great brunch at the Italian Market, hanging out by the pool and a cozy Sunday cookout this was the schedule;

Thursday ➡️ Cavs vs Golden State Warriors

Saturday ➡️ The Crew vs Toronto

Sunday ➡️ Cavs vs Golden States warriors

The funniest viral video from the weekend must be LeBron’s reaction (and his outfit) at the press conference after the first game! Only a true superstar can pull off a shorts suit and a response like that 😂

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