Weekend vibes all week

Our week started with a visit from Andreas friend (also named Andreas).

He’s been sailing for almost a year. Starting in Stockholm going down to Portugal, then over the Atlantic to Brasilia and up to Maryland. He had a couple of days off before going back home (by flight) so he decided to come here. So much fun listening to his journey. Feeling like a kid asking all kind of questions like; for how long did you go without seeing land? How much food do you bring? Were there any pirates? How does it work with the customs? What kind of Visa do you get? Which place had the best wow-factor? ….He patiently answered every question 😆 What an adventure!

The sun have been shining almost every day this week so we have been able to hang out by the pool and enjoy late nights out.

Today my friend Erika is coming to town. So the vacation mood will be on for another couple of days! So much fun having people over 🤗

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