Run, jog, sprint, dash


Today it’s exactly four months since I moved here. It’s crazy how fast time flies by (cliché but true)! Not knowing what to expect when I moved here and not knowing exactly how to fill my days I wrote down some goals to achieve, just to put some pressure on myself to make the most of this opportunity. Two of them being focused on physical health; 1. Start doing Yoga 2. Learn to enjoy running

The last couple of years my relationship to working out has been a real on-again / off-again relationship. For my 30th birthday I bought myself a one year membership at SATS. I think I went there five times, so that was like 600 SEK per workout – a great way to spend money! I never been flexible and I never enjoyed running so I thought this would be a great opportunity to change those things.

When I arrived to Columbus I almost immediately signed up for Yoga. And when it started getting warmer outside (in February), me and Andreas have started off almost every day with a short run. I always wanted to be a person who enjoyed running, for two reasons, it’s free and you can do it wherever you go. All you need is a pair of running shoes!

Because we live so close to the river we go there every morning and run either 3 or 4 kilometers. Doing that for almost 3 months now I can truly say it’s a great way to start the morning. Although some mornings it helps that we are two, when all you want is to stay in bed. Now that I enjoy that distance I’m trying to improve my pace. And after that I’ll run a bit further. One step at a time…

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