Tornado warning


Omg I feel like a true newbie 😂 About an hour ago I got a notification on my phone, there was a tornado closing in on Columbus and the downtown area.

I was sitting outside working at the balcony when I got the notification. I quickly got in and put on the weather channel to see how bad it was. Then I heard the alarm outside. The alarm gives you 15 minutes heads up to get shelter, meaning, go inside and stay away from the windows, preferably, go to a safe place (like a basement).

The rain was pouring down and you could see that there were really strong winds. On TV they showed pictures on how many minutes you had left until the storm was going to reach you. Watching too many movies about tornados (with sharks) I prepared as much as I could. Pulled out chargers from power outlets, moved as far away as I could in our apartment from the windows. I even moved in our balcony furnitures just because they were talking on TV about zero vision and that things could be flying around.

Things changed quickly the tornado never came, which of course is a good a thing. I just feel like a fool for reacting like this is a “this is it-moment”. So that was my first tornado warning experience. 😂

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