Cleveland x4


This is not my first visit to Ohio. When I was 13 we traveled to Nebraska and Ohio to visit relatives. My grandmother and uncle researched our family history and found some of our relatives in the states. They contacted them and asked if they wanted to connect. And they were more then happy to welcome us all in to their homes – so we went!


One stop we did during that trip was to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my mothers cousin. He still lives in Cleveland so when my parents were visiting we took a day trip to meet up for a lunch. It was a nice but cold day so we meet up at the museum of art where we also had lunch.

A different art installation was the man welcoming you in to the art gallery. He sat in the doorway and asked for your name and then he got up and yelled “Welcome Carolin Engelmark”. It sure put a smile on your face.

Cleveland is a two hour drive away from Columbus. We already have two return trips planned for this town. On Wednesday we go back to watch the playoff for Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers. And in July we go back to watch Beyonce and Jay-Z perform. So more to come from this place!

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