Soundtracks of our lives

A strange feeling, sitting on a café in Midwest America, and read about Aviciis death. I looked up to see if anyone else had reacted on the news flash on their phone, but people were talking to each other and drinking their coffee like nothing had happened. If I could I would have teleported myself home for a night out in Stockholm, enjoying the warm spring weather with friends and listen to Avicii tracks on highest possible level.

So many great songs! And so many great memories to them! Feels like you have to sit down with your friends and be nostalgic about these great memories created to his songs.

My first Avicii/Tim Berg memory is to Seek bromance. A roadtrip to Kungsbacka from Stockholm summer of 2010. A trip that normally takes 5 hours to drive but for us took 9 hours when I decided to follow the traffic signs instead of going via Jönköping and the high way. Big mistake!

We played Seek bromance on repeat that weekend. Feels like a good soundtrack makes your memory stronger. And this time it was the memories of a great weekend. Thankful for having that and many more memories to his tunes❣️

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