Park your horse

In the early 1700s the Amish started immigrate to North America. There are now over 250 000 Amish people living in over 28 states. About two-thirds of the Amish live in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.

From Columbus it’s a 2 hour drive to Amish country so last Wednesday we did a little excursion to see it with our own eyes 👀

To get in the mood we watched the movie Witness with Harrison Ford the night before going. Not a movie I would recommend.

There were two towns that were recommended for the visit of the Amish experience, Millersburg and Berlin. We started with Millersburg which is a “city” with 3000 habitants. It’s one street approximately 100 meter long with 8 antique stores and one restaurant. A pretty sad place. You know when you drive by a place and realise “oh that’s it” – that kind of place. But the restaurant served great lunch, and the people were super friendly.

Berlin was a bigger “city” (meaning – a longer street). There were probably 20 antique stores and 4 restaurants.

We saw some Amish people and horses with carriages on the streets. But what we learned was that there are more touristic things to do there during the summer months. Like riding horses and going to food markets. But this Wednesday was a snowy April day so we missed out on that.

Apparently they are very business minded so for them to take advantage of all the curious tourists was a surprise for me.

Did you know:

  • The Amish priorities the Word of God over the rule of the government.
  • The Amish believe in the separation of church and state.
  • Every 20 years, the Amish population roughly doubles in size.
  • Even though they can’t own cars, they can accept rides and hire chauffeurs to drive them.
  • After a wedding, the groom begins to grow a beard. He is not allowed to grow a mustach.

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