Midwest vs. Sweden

After spending 2 months in “real America” (the Midwest), I thought I do a little summary about my observations…

The good

  • The weather – of course the weather has to come first! Although it has been some really cold days in January and February, the spring arrives earlier here compared to Stockholm. The days are longer and just to be able to sit outside and have a glas of wine or a cup of coffee in February/March is everything!
  • People are just really friendly and helpful.
  • Youtube TV – love this!
  • The home delivery service  – just that some of the orders we do online can be delivered on Sundays is 🙌. To not have to go to the nearest postal office to pick up your package is luxury.
  • Doggy bags – the portions are often twice as big compared to what I’m used to. But they always ask for a doggy bag.
  • Gas prices – crazy cheap compared to Sweden. Although you have to use the car much more…
  • Kroger/Whole foods – the range of food and drinks these stores offers makes it fun to go shopping.
  • Bottomless mimosa – cheers to that
  • The turn left or right driving rule – if you stop at a red light and are turning right or left you are allowed to turn, if the traffic allows you of course.

The not so good

  • Tap water – tastes like a swimming pool in your mouth. We bought a filter which helps a little, but I ad citrus to every glas I drink.
  • Chicken waffles – they sure don’t know the expression less is more. Not only do they make up dishes like this. The portions are often twice as big. Although the routine of not throwing the food makes it to my good list.
  • Driving – they drive everywhere. Even though it’s just a walk of 100 meters. You’ll see people in shorts, t-shirts and flip flops in common places even though the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius. There’s nothing like the Swedish expression “kläder efter väder” here.
  • Cheese – I love cheese but I don’t need it on everything.
  • TVs – in every restaurant you’ll find a TV. Even the more fancy ones.

Other Midwest vs. Swedish culture collisions

  • Beer – if you ask for a lager beer they’ll reply with “oh I have to check if we have some”…
  • Walking – I usually walk to my Yoga studio which is a 35 minutes walk. When I tell them I walked to class they look at me like I’m crazy. No one walks and to walk for so long… crazy!
  • Sweatpants – trying to figure out why so many people go to restaurants in their sweatpants. Mostly guys and almost always matched with a cap.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll have more fun observations to share further on.

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