Save the Crew

Last fall the owner of Columbus Crew announced that he was researching a move of the club to Austin, Texas. Why? The business is not sustainable. The owner is looking for investors to build a new arena downtown in Columbus but the outcome has been negative so far. Therefore he is looking at the option of moving the club to Austin.

No major league is located in Austin. And it’s a fast growing city that may want to have that kind of entertainment, which makes it a good candidate for a move.

Since the news leaked in October no new information or decisions have been told.

Around town you’ll see signs/posters/stickers of #Savethecrew. And the other day Ohio, Columbus filed a lawsuit aimed to MLS to stop Columbus Crew to move to Austin. So you can feel the support of saving the Crew. But I guess there still needs to be a change  that makes the business sustainable in the end.

So we’ll see where this journey ends…