Valentine’s day traditions

Every year we take turn on choosing a country and which course or courses to make. This year it was my turn and I chose Mexico and the main course.

I forgot to take photos the first years but this has been our themes:

2018 – Mexico

Menu: Nachos with guacamole served with margaritas, Corn fritters with black bean salad served with Mexican beer, Affogato Mexican style

2017 – Spain

Menu: Pinchos, Mojo rojo burger, strawberry balsamic with cream

2016 – Sweden

Menu: Artichoke soup, Mashed potato with meatballs, Warm cinnamon apple

2015 – Italy

Menu: Carpaccio scallops, Pappardelle con salsiccia, Vanilla panna cotta

2014 – France

Menu: Boeuf bourgeon, chocolate cake

2013 – America

Menu: Nachos with guacamole, NY steak with ruccola, Rocky road ice cream

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