Sunday funday

On Sundays we usually have the whole day together and Andreas been very kind and let me decide the activities on these days, and today was no exception.

So the plan was to explore Clintonville, but the weather wasn’t that nice so we only stopped by for breakfast. I found a bakery called Flowers and bread which was really nice. We tried their scones named “maple oat and date”, and “orange dark and chocolate”. Super good!

After breakfast we went to Franklin Park Conservatory and botanical garden. This landmark features plant collections and gardens. It was okay. I guess it’s much more nice during spring/summer when you can visit the garden.

And of course the day ended watching this little show called Super Bowl 🏈

I was mostly looking forward to the halftime show, JT was in da building. The best thing is to follow the reactions on Twitter!!

Btw I listened to a really good podcast the other day called “Still processing”. The episode “We’re still here for you Janet” was really good 👉 listen to it!

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