Every colour and taste

I don’t know why, but I feel like the way they present groceries here are a bit artsy. The options are endless. You can get everything in every colour and taste, which makes it look very decorative on the shelves.

We’re trying out different stores to see what we like. We’ve been to Kroger, Walmart and Whole foods market.

Kroger is closest to our apartment. Only a fifteen minute walk. I like this store. They have everything you need and they have options if you’re more in to organic.

Walmart was not my favourite. I mean are we buying eggs and milk or a giant teddy bear? 🙂

Whole foods market are specialized on organic and local choices. And the setting in the store makes you very conscious about everything. No problem spending my time here!

They (of course) have home delivery here. So that’s next in line to try!

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