The crash

This Wednesday Andreas was hit by a semi truck. The driver got distracted and run in to Andreas car. The speed was only 10 km/h so no one got hurt. But the back of the car needs to be fixed.

In the process we have learned a bit about how things work here. For example:

  • There was a line on the ground. That line tells you which district you are in, Columbus or Ohio police district in this case. When you call 911 make sure you tell the police which side of the line the accident happened so the’ll send the right policeman.
  • When the police file is released at 8 am expect around 20 calls from 8.01 am from chiropractors, doctors, clinics and repair shops. I guess people see a business opportunity in these kind of accidents….

What matters is that no one got hurt and the car is now in a repair shop.

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