Roadtrip part IIII – Buffalo & Columbus

After our morning at the Niagara Falls we took the car to Buffalo. We decided to stay the night because it was Fourth of July and we thought it would be more nice to celebrate it in a town rather than being in a car all day to drive to our final destination, Columbus.

Buffalo on the fourth wasn’t really what we expected. It was a heat wave in town so to walk around was almost impossible. The hotel we stayed at was very luxurious the only problem was that their pool was a hot spring so no way to cool down. And almost every restaurant we googled was closed. πŸ˜‚ In the end we found some buffalo chicken for lunch and a rooftop bar to watch the fireworks at night.

Our last stop for this road trip was our hometown Columbus. We had some lazy days by the pool, did some shopping, played some games and made our own burgers πŸ‘Œ A great way to end this road trip with these amazing people πŸ‘‡

Roadtrip part II – Toronto

Toronto wasn’t love at first sight. We stayed at the Harbor front and although it was nice to be so close to the water it was far away from the nice neighbourhoods and restaurants. But I’m glad we went because it really grew on me!

Our first day we did some sightseeing just strolling around town. Walked by the gigantic district of China town. We went to Kensington market and the famous Graffiti Alley. And for dinner we had an amazing Italian dinner at La Palma.

Our second day we had the most beautiful avocado toast for breakfast at a place called Early bird. Next thing on the schedule was of course the World Cup game between Sweden and Switzerland. YEY for the results! Go Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ πŸ‘

After the game we took the ferry out to Toronto island. Just a ten minute ride to several beaches and beautiful parks. A must do if you visit Toronto in the summer. So nice to cool off.

We ended our stay with dinner at Omaw. A cozy restaurant located on Ossington Avenue, a street filled with restaurants and bars in our taste. πŸ‘Œ

So in the end we found some really nice things to do in this town!

Roadtrip part I – Chicago

Our vacation has started! We took the car to Chicago where we meet up with some friends from Sweden. We are spending our vacation in North America this year, figured we wanted to take advantage and see as much as possible.

We are now on our way to Toronto after spending the weekend in a steaming hot Chicago. Even though it was super hot we had an amazing time. Love that town 😍

We walked a lot. Did some sightseeing on and off the water. Ate the best burger in the world at Au Cheval. And had our traditional Foodie Day!

Check, check and check

It’s been one of those weeks when you’re trying to check everything off your list. We are leaving for vacation today so it’s nice to have that “to do list” clean.

I can put a “check” on everything except the 🀬 IRS documents (tax refund). After spending two hours, one of them trying to figure out which numbers to select to talk to the right person, I was kinda back on square one. Super annoying. Don’t want to send my passport by mail just because that’s the only way they’ll accept an identification…. I don’t know, maybe the post system is more reliable here then in Sweden but still it’s such a valuable document…

Another thing that happened this week was that Andreas got home from his work (final games) in San Diego. His team did really good and ended up at fifth place (fifth best team in North America!). I mean the team they played with had only been a team since April. So to be able to come that far was really good.

The set up for the games was very professional and you could watch them live on Facebook and on their website. It was pretty cool to hear the commentator talk about coach Andreas Engelmark ☺️

Snaps and the little frog dance

Yesterday was a busy but fun day. It was midsummer celebration with Scandinavian Club of Columbus.

I’ve been involved in the planning of the event so I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now πŸ€—

About 80 people showed up, so I got to meet some other swedes which was great. There was a lot of food, drinks and homemade snaps. Of course there was a maypole and the traditional dance, like the little frog dance 🐸

We were at a sailing club in Alum creek (about 30 minutes from downtown) which had a very Scandinavian feeling about it. It became a really nice event and day and it felt good to be around other swedes (and other Scandinavian people) to share the celebration of midsummer 😊

Happy midsummer 🌸

This weekend we celebrate midsummer in Sweden. And I couldn’t feel more homesick right now. Andreas being away for work in San Diego and seeing all the posts at Instagram of friends and family celebrating makes me wish for that teleport machine again! (Would be so convenient πŸ™Œ)

I will celebrate tomorrow with the Scandinavian club of Columbus. So I won’t miss out completely, which feels good. 😊

However I had an amazing week at the creative boot camp. And I’m so happy I signed up for that! The days have been busy but filled with fun activities and interesting classes.

Today was our last day and we got to go around and see what everyone’s been working on during the week. And people had created some amazing things. Really cool to see!

So this is how I’m walking out of this boot camp – on a creative path….

Finding inspiration in everything

I’m learning and getting so much inspiration during this boot camp.

Inspiration from teachers, students, assignments, activities and just the surrounding of being at a college for designers and artists. I love it 😍

Today we got to do a gallery tour in town between classes. And I feel like I looked at the art in a whole other way, a much more appreciative way.

I want to take advantage of this rush of inspiration so I bought some pencils and colours while in town. I figured I can’t be that person who says “I could do that” -anymore. With my new knowledge and deeper understanding of the process of creating I’m going to try it before I speak my mind about it. Starting with simple block painting and trying out colour combinations….

And these are my favourites from the gallery hopping…

Day 1 of creative boot camp

I’ve been looking forward to this week for a while. Today I started a one week creative entrepreneurial boot camp at the Columbus College of Art and Design (also called CCAD). Or we started yesterday, but that was more like an introduction.

The week is scheduled with your chosen classes and other non obligatory activities. If you want to attend everything you can fill your days from 7 am until 9.30 pm. And that’s exactly what I did today.

I started the day with Yoga in the art gallery followed by breakfast. Then on to my chosen class, web design, then lunch. The afternoon we had a class about budgeting, very hands on and useful. After class we got a little tour to the fab lab where they showed us their 3D and laser printers. After that it was time for dinner and some exercising again. This time tai chi, never tried that before so that was pretty fun. Then we ended the day with some drawings from life, meaning painting of a naked man. Never done that either but it was actually kind of fun but extremely challenging with the proportions!

Now I’m totally exhausted and ready for bed 😴 but very excited for day 2 πŸ€—

My week in 5 pics

Evening walk in German village and Schillers Park.

June 14, America celebrates flag day. Many people honour this day by displaying the American flag at homes and at public buildings. Like this flower arrangement outside the State house.

A lot of chill time by the pool. 😎

Last week a new restaurant opened up in the short north district, its called Harvey & Ed’s. We went there Friday night to try it out and it was πŸ‘Œ

Happy pride! 🌈 It’s pride week in Columbus. Concerts, food trucks and a lot of love.